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Exclusive Offers for

The Woven in the Womb Community

This Birth Plan Template will help you prioritize what is important for your birth experience. The focus of the birth plan is to keep you and your baby safe while also helping you have a voice during the delivery of your child. Go over this birth plan with your provider starting at 32 weeks.

Everyone has their own music preferences, but here is a link to my laboring playlist. A playlist for labor and delivery softens the mood in the room. Coming up with a playlist can personalize your experience during the birth of your child. 

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 Pregnancy Prep, Labor and Delivery, Prenatal Yoga

On-Demand Classes by Women in Motion PT

How to prepare your body for labor & what to do during early labor. How to use create space in your pelvis through various labor positions to ease the babies’ passage through the birth canal, addresses labor stalls through movement, how to fully relax the pelvic floor muscles for pushing, breathing techniques for pushing, ways to reduce perineal tears, nerve injuries, and orthopedic injuries, modifications for medicated and unmedicated birth to keep you active for as long as possible

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On-Demand Classes for Urinary Incontinence, Prolapse,

& a 12 week Postpartum Workout Program

by Women in Motion PT

Whether you are 4 weeks postpartum or 10 years postpartum this course is designed for women that want to lay a lifelong foundation for their abdominal/pelvic health and strengthen their core to improve pelvic floor function and everyday activities.

Understand your child’s love languages. If your child feels loved throughout your pregnancy and postpartum, the transition will be easier! 

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A virtual community with classes on breastfeeding, parenting, infant CPR

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