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Welcome to
The Woven Motherhood Podcast!


Transformative stories of hope from mamas with unconventional motherhood

Thank you for sharing your story for God's glory. 

He takes the most painful parts of our stories to show us the deepest parts of His love. I can't wait to share with my audience how God has used (and is still using) your hard womb story for His glory and your good (Romans 8:28).

Your sister and friend,

About The Woven Motherhood Podcast


Why To help women with unexpected pregnancy and unconventional motherhood find their story within God’s story.

Who Women with unexpected pregnancy and unconventional motherhood stories and how they found their hope in God. 

What This podcast will help mothers with unexpected journeys put their hope in God by sharing stories of hope and how they found peace.


Intro to the show

What if your motherhood journey is different from the norm?


What if you have had an unexpected motherhood journey- from infertility, to an unplanned pregnancy, a disabled child, or an adult child battling addiction? Often the griefs of motherhood are not part of the original motherhood signup.


How does God use these different motherhood journeys for our good? If you have been at this crossroads, you may have asked yourself, is God trustworthy? Does He still love me?


When you ask these hard questions, you will begin to see your story woven into a greater story.


Dr. Rachelle Keng is an ObGyn who takes care of women in all stages of life. From pregnancy to menopause and everything in between, she cares for women who face unexpected motherhood journeys. But on this podcast she speaks as a Christian special needs mother.


As a mother of a disabled daughter with Angelman’s Syndrome, she navigates the challenges of communicating and advocating with a non-verbal daughter going through puberty. This is not the motherhood journey she expected and often feels like a difficult cross to bear. But she has found hope in what Jesus has called her to do when He set the example of staying on the cross. The gospel truths of death, resurrection, life, and peace are woven into her motherhood story. 


Join her as she interviews women with not-so-straightforward stories of motherhood that are part of a greater story - God’s story. Through unexpected motherhood, we find that the most painful parts of our mothering are how God draws us to Himself.

And as we draw to God, our motherhood stories become woven with His.

What kind of questions you can expect:

Show structure: 

1. Introduction:

  Tell me about yourself.   

  (family, work, roles at home, childhood)

2. Expectations about motherhood:

    What did you expect you would experience as a mother?

3. Reality:

    What actually happened/is happening now?

4. Transformation:

   a)Tell me about who you are now that you have gone through this

   experience as a mother?

   b) Tell me about who you were (what did you value? What made your heart bleed?)

   before you received the news that would change 

   your motherhood journey? 

   c) Relationships: How did your relationships change as a result of this detour?

 5. Richness:

   What did you learn from going through this experience?

6. Gospel:

   What does Jesus have to do with all of this? Any scripture that has helped you through your trial? 

The Woven Motherhood Podcast

Guest Prep Questionnaire

Optional Questions:

Thank you for joining The Woven Motherhood Podcast! I look forward to connecting with you and sharing your story for God's glory.

Your friend,


Romans 8:28

© 2023 por Rachelle Keng.

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