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Plenty in Empty

By Rachelle Keng

It is the ache of a woman’s soul -

A desire to nurture,

to make another whole.

But when the womb is empty,

There is still hope.

In God there is a way to cope.

He has a purpose, He has a plan,

All children are given from His hand.

Some may come from our own womb,

Or another woman facing her doom -

She has birthed a babe that needs a mama.

Infertility is not a period, simply a comma.

Becoming mother - there’s more than one way,

He sees the woman who faithfully prays.

He may be calling us to wait -

Or leading us to someone great

we would not have known otherwise,

if we let our emptiness paralyze.

We can be defined by our womb,

Or by Christ who conquered the tomb.

He gave us all a second chance,

So that you too can enhance -

The little life who needs your mercy,

To fill your heart and your nursery

So let us learn that we can trust,

He loves us still.

His plan is just.

He is the matchmaker of all needs,

He is the gardener of all seeds.

The end is not infertility.

He shows us the possibility-

For even when the womb is empty,

He fills the heart with more and plenty.


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