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When your hard story is part of God's story

If you have gone through reproductive grief

or parenting grief, you are not alone. 

 If you have ever wondered if God knows your pain-

He does. He sees.

And  He  Has  Not  Forgotten  You

 March 7th

Hope After Unexpected Pregnancy
and A Baby With Cleft Lip:
Annie’s Story

Annie Weber is an army wife, mother of four, and an Author. Annie Weber is known for her bold and uncompromising approach to sharing God's Word. She lives with a keen awareness of how the Truth of Scripture has led her to put her faith in Christ. 

In this podcast, she shares about her experiences with pregnancy and single parenting while her husband was deployed overseas, and then she shares about how she found herself pregnant unexpectedly with their fourth child and how she navigated the diagnosis of cleft lip. She finds her strength in God’s plan for her life and the Bible became her lifeline. She recently released her book, “Astounding Truths of the Bible: A Bite-Sized Approach to Understanding the World’s Best Selling Book.”
Connect with Annie at  IG @astounding.truths and

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Hope After Disability:

Rachelle's Story

Rachelle Keng is a mother of two, obgyn, author, and podcast host of "The Woven Motherhood Podcast." She has navigated unconventional motherhood being the mother of a daughter with Angelman Syndrome. Her book, Woven in the Womb: Peace for the Pregnant Soul is now on pre-sale at Amazon.

In this podcast, she shares about her experiences with grief when she found out that her life was going to be different, and how she found God's love to be grounding for her when she had nothing else left to give. Be encouraged that while life with disability is challenging, it is a gift when it draws us to the heart of God. 

Connect with Rachelle at  IG @rachelle.keng and

   March 12th 
Hope After Infertility:
Rebecca Medina Stewart’s Story

Rebecca is a writer, communicator, and a former TV newscaster journalist. She will be releasing her book, “Seen: Experiencing God's Tenderness After Brokenness.“ She is a devotional writer that encourages women to find hope even in painful and traumatic circumstances.  She often says that God did not give her children, but He gave her the world! She and her husband, Bryan, have traveled the world a lot! She is passionate about mentoring young adults at her local church as a “spiritual mother.” 
In this podcast, she shares her story of infertility and how she was able to find hope even after receiving this devastating diagnosis. She shares her practical tips of how to grieve, accept, and even embrace this diagnosis. Her loving encouraging words are relatable and impactful as she helps you find your hope again in Jesus.
Connect with Rebecca Medina Stewart  at
IG @rebeccamedinastewart

March 19 

Hope After Loss and Miracles in Congenital Heart Defects:

Rebecca Madden’s Story

Rebecca is the Women’s Ministry Director at Peachtree Church in Atlanta, Georgia and the co-author with her husband Jay Madden of “Breathless Haste: Finding God in Ordinary Life.” After their marriage, they began to dream of starting a family. Their church family sustained them through their loss of their firstborn son and miraculous birth of their daughter and second son. She and her husband Jay are the authors of “Breathless Haste: Finding God in Ordinary Life.” 


In this podcast, Rebecca shares the story of how she saw God’s tender hand holding her during the loss of her infant son after his cardiac surgery and then how she persevered in her faith during her next pregnancy when her second child also was diagnosed with a cardiac defect prenatally

Connect with Rebecca Madden at for book details for free resources IG: @breathless_haste FB: @breathlesshaste

March 26 

Hope When Your Adult Children Struggle With Addiction:

Dawn’s Story

Dawn Ward is a biblical mentor and faith coach and writer. She guides women who are walking alongside their addicted loved one to break free from the toxic cycle of addiction, so they can reclaim their lives, transform their guilt to grace, experience relationship healing, and fulfill their purpose. She is releasing her book, “From Guilt to Grace: Freedom and Healing for Christian Moms of Addicted Children”


In this podcast, Dawn discusses her journey with postpartum depression. And then as her children became adults, she learns to trust God with both of her sons who struggled with opioid addictions. Hear how she finds freedom from her “mom guilt” and learns to trust God’s plan for her children. 


Connect with Dawn at and IG @thefaithtoflourishblog

April 2

Hope After A High RiskTwin Pregnancy

and a Pregnancy Loss at

26 Weeks: Alicia’s Story

Alicia Baik Nguyen is a mother, wife, and women’s ministry leader. She has a PhD in Economics from the University of Virginia, but gave up her career to stay at home with her children. Her pregnancies were complicated by twins, and then a subsequent pregnancy with a rare placental tumor that resulted in the loss of her precious baby at 26 weeks.


In this podcast, Alicia describes the wrestling she went through to find God’s goodness and beauty even in some of the most painful times of her life as a mother. Through the wrestle, she finds a new hope and a renewed strength in the tender heart of God. 


Connect with Alicia at IG @alicia_baik

April 9 

Hope After The Autism Diagnosis: Rachel’s Story

Rachel Mary Perry is a wife, a mother of 3, and has a bachelors in psychology from Liberty University. She writes about her son’s diagnosis of regressive autism and the “deconstruction” of faith that occurred during her motherhood journey when this diagnosis changed her family and her faith.


In this podcast, Rachel shares stories from typical motherhood and how her faith changed after receiving the diagnosis of regressive autism. She speaks candidly on the challenges of connecting with her son while also seeing his disability as one of the greatest gifts she has received as she has leaned into the heart of the Father. Be encouraged by her story of hope in parenting children with high-support needs.


Connect with Rachel at or and IG @perry.rachel.mary

April 16 


Hope After Losing a Child: Paula’s Story

Paula Romang is a wife, boy-mom, and a woman of deep faith. Her gritty and tenacious faith was birthed through heartache and loss. After birthing twins, one of her sons suffered for twelve years with severe disabilities and a rare seizure disorder before passing away. Now that he is in heaven, Paula has a passion to help other moms who are facing the daily caregiving for their children with disability find their lifeline in Scripture. 

In this podcast, Paula tells the story of her son, Matthew. She speaks of the strain of a high risk twin pregnancy followed by a child with high medical needs that consumed her for twelve years. The Bible gave her the strength to do the next thing, and when she lost her son to his seizure disorder, the Bible was also a comfort for her grief. Be encouraged that the Word of God is living and transformative through the most painful motherhood experiences.

You can connect with Paula at  and IG @paulakromang

April 23

Hope after Multiple Miscarriages:

Patti’s Story

Patti Schultz is a wife, mother, and a retired teacher for the deaf and school principal. She holds bachelors, masters, and executive doctorate degrees, but finds more significance in the worn out pages of her Bible. She feels a divine calling from the Lord to minister to grieving mothers. Her work is featured in “Refreshed by His Grace” by Carol Kent, and she is awaiting the publication of her own 90-day journal for mothers who have undergone miscarriage. 


In this podcast, Patti shares her story of infertility, in-vitro fertilization, multiple miscarriages, and how she brings her sorrow to the cross. Through her loss, she finds her strength in what God says about her and finds joy despite a decade of tremendous loss. You will be encouraged by her loving words of encouragement to mothers who have grieved a dream for their children.


Connect with Patti at 

IG @dr.pattischultz    FB @pattischultz.  

Her Book: Refreshed by His Grace can be purchased by contacting Patti at her social handles.

© 2023 by Rachelle Keng.

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